Having accidently invited an armed burglar into his house who is quick to tie him up, Karl has to come to terms with the fact that his days might be numbered. But he hasn’t completely run out of options yet, and presently his best bet is Pauline, his ex who has just popped by to make up. But there are a few problems – mainly Pauline is a stuck up bitch more interested in finding a tennis partner than helping the man she once loved, and Karl isn’t one to forgive her past mistakes, many of which he finds out about only now. And the burglar? Oh, he’s a polite and patient man – but he’s got a gun, and he intends to use it …

So will Karl and Pauline manage to make up despite everything, will they be able to overcome the burglar, and how might a certain sex tape put everything in jeopardy?
Find out all this and more in A Killer Conversation


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