Tales to Chill Your Bones to


Title 2560x1600

We’re very proud to announce the release of the new anthology by our screenwriter Michael Haberfelner​ called TALES TO CHILL YOUR BONES TO!!! But please note, this book is not for the squeamish!!! So if you’re afraid of at least one of following, or are in the presence of someone who is, DO NOT open this book, as it’s bound to mess with your mind, containing such vile and evil things as

– Christmas miracles gone horribly wrong
– a severed hand where it doesn’t belong
– the end of the world seen through the eyes of a rat
– mad love on the run
– sugar that kills
– a robot revolution
– cuddly toys turned evil
– mean-spirited potholes
– moles walking into bars
– the treacherous kindness of strangers

– devils in blue dresses
… and a sizeable collection of shrunken heads!

If on the other hand, your mind is twisted enough to be into all of these things, do come in for a chill, a chuckle and maybe a cheer …

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